Neck Pain and Tension

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Our neck and shoulders contain many flexible muscles and ligaments that support the weight of our head and function of your neck.

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What is the difference between an Osteopath, a Chiropractor and a Physiotherapist?


One of the questions most frequently asked at our clinics is what is the difference between an Osteopath, Chiropractor and Physiotherapist? Understanding this can help to determine what type of treatment provider is best for you.

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Dr Nick Penney, Integrative Pain Specialist

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“My approach to pain considers the biomechanical, psychological, and social factors that contribute to developing chronic or persistent pain.”

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How Osteopathy Can Help Your Allergies

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Spring has officially sprung, daylight savings is in sight, the flowers are in bloom, and you crack the windows to the smell of freshly mown grass.

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Can our osteopaths help you?

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If you are disheartened by words such as arthritis, slipped disc, degeneration, chronic inflammation, age-related wear and tear, or even worse, being told “there is nothing we can do”, we...

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What to expect at your first visit to our Osteopaths

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Come a few minutes early so you can register and fill out basic contact details in our waiting room.

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Often people say they have sciatica and ask if we can treat it. The answer to that question lies in determining what is causing it.

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Ageing – If We Look After Our Body, Our Body Looks After Us.

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Physical ageing is one of the least exciting aspects of growing older, and most of us steadfastly resist the idea.

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