If you are disheartened by words such as arthritis, slipped disc, degeneration, chronic inflammation, age-related wear and tear, or even worse, being told “there is nothing we can do”, we want to see you.

These words are a challenge to us and we want to help you to find your health and best possible physical function.

Can Osteopaths Help …

  • You can come with any painful or chronic condition, whether it is acute, an injury, or stiffness or loss of function that has just crept up on you.
  • You might also come for pregnancy or child issues, or for rehabilitation after surgery.
  • We will take a history and discuss it in language you understand.
  • We will carry out a physical assessment, usually with you fully clothed.
  • We’ll make a treatment plan with you, and explain why we propose that course of action.
  • We’ll refer you for radiology or to your GP if necessary.
  • We can register an ACC claim and provide subsidized treatments where applicable.
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