“My approach to pain considers the biomechanical, psychological, and social factors that contribute to developing chronic or persistent pain.”

BSc (Hons) Ost Med, PhD (Musculoskeletal Medicine), Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine

Our newest member of the team, pain specialist Dr Nick Penney, brings something new to the array of offerings at Halswell Road Clinic, as well as considerable experience and training in Musculoskeletal Medicine and pain management. With his doctorate in Musculoskeletal Medicine, Nick has an in-depth understanding of pain and how the body reacts to it.

This understanding gives him the opportunity to help people who suffer from ongoing and sometimes debilitating pain. What we understand now, is that when pain persists, your body becomes over-protective, and the psychosocial effects of chronic pain are often the largest obstacles to recovery (such as stress, anxiety and depression). Through his study of this field, Nick has learnt strategies that can help retrain the pain system to be less protective.

Rather than interventional pain management or surgery, which are often unnecessary, invasive and ineffective in the long term, Nick works to get to the root of the problem, considering the biomechanical, psychological, and social factors that contribute to developing chronic or persistent pain, and often hamper recovery. Often, it’s the “what’s going on?” not the “what have you done?” that helps explain ongoing pain. We will work to answer the "what's going on" to move you beyond your pain state.

Nick’s PhD focussed on low back pain, and he found that low back pain is present in over half of all patients suffering with chronic pain. He takes a special interest in low back pain in his practice here at Halswell Road Clinic.

Nick can support you to create a programme to retrain your brain, while considering the factors that contribute to your pain. These might include physical, social and environmental factors. He is offering a range of appointments depending on your needs.

To book an appointment with Nick, click the Bookings tab on our website, and find Pain Specialist Halswell Road to see available appointments. Alternatively, please call us at Halswell Road Clinic on 03 322 4506 or email admin@osteopath.net.nz.


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