Sometimes we get bogged down in busy-ness and a feeling that we must keep up with information, and information is coming at us in an unstoppable stream. When I feel behind the eight ball, it is often Nature which re-centres me. I find I do not need to know how a plant does it, but somehow gazing upon the sheer beauty of a perfect flower, be it a rose or a daisy, can fill me with joy and wonder. The sight of a cat’s fur with the morning light shining through it as she lies on my bed dazzles me with it’s complexity and multi-layers. And holding a sea shell in my palm comforts me, even though it has been released from the sea by the death of it’s occupant. Nature just goes on and on doing creative stuff almost beyond our imagining, and it is beautiful even in it’s smallest parts. I feel blessed, and if I simply use my eyes to really look, I receive these small blessings all the time, effortlessly, and that gives me rest from the busy-ness. Frances

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